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Open Application for Team Anchor in Holmenkollen 50k (5-mila)

February 16, 2012

The Holmenkollen World Cup Track: not for wimps

Dr Engelski

Engelski Towers

Ski Ville


NoWay Jose

16th February, 2012

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir or Madam

Please accept my application for the post of Team Anchor for Holmenkollen Fristillrenn , 24th March 2012. Having watched the OBIK freestyle race yesterday and having seen many skiers opting for classic technique, my brand of freestyle skate skiing would only add value to the race.

I was intending to go solo and do the whole 50k, but with Ringkoll-løpet & the Birkie in advance of the 5-mila I have decided to lower expectations and opt for 2+ laps as part of a team instead of the solitary 6. Furthermore, 2 lactic acid fuelled laps of the track tonight have confirmed that my technique is crap and that I probably wouldn’t make it up Hellner Hill for a 6th time in any case. In support of my application I would like to say that although I did taste blood tonight I did not puke, at least not in the tracks anyway. Technique-wise my V2-double dance is good, V1-single dance okay and crab technique superb on the steep hills. I have also great experience of padling having received a kayak for my birthday and have padled Bogstadvannet rundt and Sørkedalselva langs.

Depending upon the quality of the team I would also be willing to go 1st leg. This would be particularly relevant if there are actually worse skate skiers out there. Alternatively, if anyone is prepared to do a Giorgio Di Centa to repair the damage of a lousy first leg this would also work.

Looking forward to a positive response.



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  1. March 6, 2012 21:02

    I don’t commonly comment but I gotta admit appreciate it for the post on this amazing one : D.

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